About: BSG Online Games

About the Company

BSG Online Games was founded in 1999 as an online games network. We have been dedicated entirely to providing high quality, free, online games since then. Our online network consists of over 80,000 players with over 500 players logged on at any moment.

Our focus still remains strongly on maintaining and producing new online games. Quality has always been our standard.

Company History

BSG Online Games started in 1999 with the launch of RPG Battle. RPG Battle is an online role playing game where you fight in an online arena against hundreds of monsters. Your upgrade your warrior's weapons and improve skill quickly so that you can fight harder enemies. RPG Battle quickly became popular and had gained over a thousand members within a couple weeks.

Work on our next game began immediately. Star Kingdoms was introduced in August, 2000. Compete in an online universe as an entire kingdom. Make allies and enemies as you build your armies and send them into galactic conquest. Star Kingdoms is the most popular of our online games as it promotes an online community as you must work with your sector-mates to achieve victory.

Our latest game: Good Hockey was launched in March, 2005. Good Hockey is an ice hockey dynasty simulator. Users get to build a hockey empire and can control every aspect of owning a hockey club.

Since our launch in 1999 we have received over 1 billion page views and our popularity continues to grow.

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